A constant anxiety grips you when your child battles inflammation from food sensitivities. Explaining “no” to a slice of pizza or a cupcake at a birthday party feels like stealing a piece of their joy. 

The sight of them scratching at eczema until their legs bleed is heart-breaking & most defeating.

Missing out on days, events, and income because of crippling migraines leaves you exhausted and defeated.

The unanswered questions that linger after multiple miscarriages and the need for answers.

These are pieces of our story that brought Wild Capri to life in our kitchen.

We were exhausted. Tired of dead ends, unanswered questions, and ineffective products filled with unrecognizable ingredients.

We felt like we were stuck on a hamster wheel of overwhelm, endlessly searching for solutions that seemed just out of reach.

When we couldn’t find what we needed, we took matters into our own hands and started creating our own solutions.

Over the past eight years, we've poured our hearts into researching ingredients and testing countless recipes. We discovered what truly worked and discarded what wasn't worth the hype or effort.

During this journey, we made a conscious decision to ditch and switch. We replaced chemicals, synthetics, artificial ingredients, and dyes with plant and animal-based ingredients. We sourced from nature every chance we got.

We believe in the power of slowing down and taking control as the gatekeepers of our homes. 

Our mission was to create a product line that offered clean and nontoxic options for the intentional home and natural wellness.

Clean, truly safe. Free from guilt and negative health impacts. All infused with organic & wild crafted herbs & botanicals, real + raw ingredients and slow made processes.

To those who give our products a try, we hope you find comfort and confidence in using them. It’s our mission to make these natural, clean, and nontoxic products accessible to all who seek a healthier, more intentional way of living.

Welcome to the Wild Capri family.