Better than anything else..

"I’m obsessed with the tallow whip! It’s literally like a cloud with the texture, so light and creamy, but moisturizes better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve been using it every night on my face and hands and my skin is still soft and I don’t need to reapply in the morning and I love how it smells!"

- Maria L.

Tallow that works!

I’ve been using this everyday for myself, but it’s made the biggest difference with my daughter’s skin, areas that were dry and pinkish have healed up. Need bigger sizes!

- Riley M.

The best soap I've ever tried..

"This is the first time I've used bar soap and I haven't been left with the awful tight film over my whole body. I want to buy a whole batch!"

- Maddee P.

Silky and creamy, the best!

"I LOVE this soap! So silky and creamy but no residue. Great quality!"

- Jen C.

My new favorite shop..

"This candle is what DREAMS are made of!!!! The scent is PHENOMENAL. My fav scent ever and there needs to be a room spray (that I’ll literally use as a perfume), reed diffuser, everything. My new fav place, please don’t ever stop making these!! I won’t stop buying!!"

- Sarah M.

Everything I've been looking for..

"The Capri candle is everything I have wanted in a low tox candle and have not be able to find, until now. It's so so perfect!"

- Eryn C.