Ready to join Wild Capri?

There’s a shift towards simple, natural ingredients - a wave empowering intentional home gatekeepers with clean, safe, and effective products. We were tired of products from big manufacturers with unknown standards and products with misleading labels and empty promises. Your customers matter to us.  We care about every product we make, a lot. Our goal is to provide a hand-crafted wholesale assortment of clean & botanically-infused products that is accessibly priced.

We're a small batch made-to-order business in Kuna, Idaho that specializes in luxuriously simple everyday home, beauty & wellness essentials. We prioritize USA-based brands, organic or natural fibers and animal products that celebrates the pacific northwest and slower way of living.

All wholesale orders must meet a retail minimum of:
$400 retail ($280 wholesale) to receive a 30% discount,
or $1670 retail ($1000 wholesale) to receive a 40% discount.

We create each product one at a time, by-hand, just for you.  Our average turn around time from initial receipt of your purchase order is 10 working days.

Questions?  We invite you to reach out to us at with any questions you might have.